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The Loving Embrace

Contour Wedding Band Program

Many engagement rings come in ornate shapes. Finding a band that fits flush against an elaborate design hasn’t always been easy. Until now. The Loving Embrace contour wedding band program includes the first-ever tool for determining exactly what wedding band will fit snugly against an existing engagement ring – without it leaving her finger. Ever.

Custom design used to be the only option for customers who wanted a perfectly flush band. But the cost and time involved were often an issue. Loving Embrace keeps couples in my store, smiling and buying their band from me – not a competitor.

Tyna Wheat
 - Rogers Jewelers, Evansville, IN

See How It Works For Yourself.

More Satisfied Customers

  • All the benefits of custom design without expensive CAD charges.
  • The band of their dreams delivered quickly with no stress.
  • Optional engraving and additional customization features within 10 days.

Higher Margins

  • By minimizing your insurance and shipping costs, Loving Embrace helps increase your margins.

Loving Embrace Offers

  • Patent-pending measuring tool.
  • Attractive in-case display of sample bands.
  • Reduced risk of damage or loss of an engagement ring.
  • Average delivery of a week – or less.
  • Affordable buy-in that lets you retain solid margins.

Works with over 75% of engagement and 3-stone rings.

Everything to Make the Sale

  • 12-piece sizing set lets customers find the perfect fit.
  • In-case display includes alloy samples.

Embrace the Convenience

Your customers decide between five popular settings or a simple shadow band. You order the appropriate style and contour number—then receive the finished product in approximately one week.

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A customer told me she planned never to remove her engagement ring; that it would stay on her finger from the moment her fiancé put it there. With the Loving Embrace measuring tool, I could keep her dream alive. She was able to try on various curved bands to find a perfect fit – and not once take off her engagement ring.

Wayne Britt - Britt Jewelry, Cleveland, MS


  • Q. What is included in the Loving Embrace Contour Wedding Band Program?

    A. Your program will include a display for your showcase, 5 Cubic Zirconia sample bands, the patent-pending contour tool, and 12 curved bands which your customer can try on.

  • Q. How long does it take to manufacture the wedding bands?

    A. Standard wedding bands typically ship within 5 business days.

  • Q. Can I purchase a band as a mounting and set my own diamonds?

    A. Loving Embrace wedding bands are not available as mountings; however, we do offer them plain with several finishes and/or hand engraving.

  • Q. Will more styles and diamond sizes become available?

    A. The program is still being developed, and more styles, sizes, and shapes will become available as the program is enhanced.

  • Q. Can I just order the tool?

    A. At this time, we are only offering the tool with the purchase of the program.

  • Q. Can I order curves with custom design?

    A. Absolutely. Once we know your customer’s contour number, we have the ability to change the design and customize it for you. You can order larger stones, or change the quantity of stones as well. There is an added charge for this service.

  • Q. Can the bands be resized?

    A. Yes, however we recommend you order the proper size right from the start. If resizing is needed, the jeweler should have the engagement ring available to ensure they remain a perfect fit.

  • Q. What metals are available?

    A. Finished bands can be ordered in 10k, 14k, 18k, 22k, Palladium 14-PD and 18-PD, Platinum Ruthenium, Platinum Cobalt, and Platinum Iridium. We also offer several colors of gold including white, yellow, green, and rose.

  • Q. Can the curved bands be ordered and worn as stackable bands?

    A. Yes. Several customers have ordered 3 of the same band in different colors to create a stackable set. Some brides are also choosing to wear two bands, one on either side of the engagement ring.

  • Q. Which level of curve are the sample bands in my display?

    A. We will supply your cz bands as curve #7. Of course, the real bands can be ordered in curves 1 – 12.


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